Kidzapp™ | Build History

Version 1.03

  • ‘Kidzapp Activity’ app module transitioned to new ‘Kidzapp Service’ app module
  • PureUNION Bank API integrated with ‘Kidzapp Service’ app module
  • Activities revised in ‘Kidzapp Service’ app module
  • Activities encoded for non-refundable payments

Version 1.02

  • Introduction of ‘Holiday Packs’ for vacation activities for ‘Kidzapp Activity’ app module
  • New activities loaded into ‘Kidzapp Activity’ app module
  • Added web-scale and cache performance optimisation
  • Minor web UI improvements 

Version 1.01

  • Added ‘Kidzapp Income’ app module to address Core Objective 3
  • Google Gmail API integration coded for ‘Kidzapp Income’ app module
  • Further activities loaded into ‘Kidzapp Activity’ app module
  • Improved back-end email templates for ‘Kidzapp Activity’ app module
  • Revised languages library file for ‘Kidzapp Activity’ app module
  • Kidzapp folders created in Gmail (Google Administrator account) for parent management 
  • Improved CSS for Kidzapp web UI

Version 1.0

  • First production release with UI front-end built for web-scale app, and named ‘Kidzapp’
  • Added ‘Kidzapp Activity’ app module (with limited activities) to address Core Objective 1
  • Operating Guide published for ‘Kidzapp Activity’ app module
  • Google Calendar integration for ‘Kidzapp Activity’ app module is sideloaded only
  • Added ‘Kidzapp Money’ link-app module to address Core Objective 2
  • Multi-booking for same activity and timeslot unsupported in this release

Version 0.5 Beta

  • Test release with ‘PureUNION Bank’ link-app module only
  • Skeleton web-scale app template built in PHP and HTML5  (no web UI)
  • Draft codebase for activities and appointment scheduling approved  

App Objectives

  • Core Objective 1 – Build an app to help young members fairly utilise and share resources for leisure activities involving bicycles, musical instruments, A/V equipment, digital learning, technology design & development, computer coding, gaming devices, etc.
  • Core Objective 2 – Build an app to help young members to electronically manage and grow their own finances, and teach tangible value of money instead of relying on unmanaged hard cash savings, or reward systems such as gold stars, smiley faces, etc. 
  • Core Objective 3 – Build an app to offer young members the opportunity to earn reward by way of true income for their voluntary assistance in valued domestic tasks, team contributions, and from exemplary behaviour and extraordinary academic effort